What to Bring?

Please Bring:
* Extra Clothes, Water Proof Jacket, Pants, Gloves, and Beanie
* Extra Nappies and Apron if kids need
* A cup with Straw if kids are not able to drink directly from a cup
* Goggles or Sunglasses
☆ If the weather is good, we will take kids outside.
Wearing goggles or sunglasses is essential to protect kids eyes.

*Copy of Child’s Passport
☆In the unlikely event that a child becomes sick or injured, we will contact the parents using the contact
information you provide, however, if the parents are unavailable (e.g. using an international phone and don’t answer)
then the hospital will require a copy of the child’s passport.

Please Do NOT Bring:
* Any Snacks and Juice (if kids have a food allergy then we will allow them to bring their own food, please enquire)
* If kids bring own lunch, please do not bring any food containing nuts and eggs.

Please write kids name on all items that they bring in

Booking and Cancellation

Booking Policy
We receive a vast number of lesson and day care enquiries each season and allocate lessons and day care on a first come first served basis. To ensure that we are able to maximize our instructors and day care teachers availability to our guests, and are able to offer our products to guests sincere in wishing to utilize them. We ask all our guests to pay in advance to confirm their booking.

Payment can be made by credit card via PayPal. We use PayPal as this is a more secure method for online payment. They are continually striving to ensure security also your personal and credit card details are not disclosed to vendors.
After booking with us you will receive a PayPal link from us. We request payment within 3 days of the link being sent to confirm the booking. Once we receive your payment, we will send you lesson confirmation within 48 Hours.

If we don’t see your payment within 3 days, we will assume that you no longer wish to book and will open up the time slots and instructors to others making enquiries.

If you miss this deadline, please contact us to organise your lessons once again. Be advised however the instructors may have been subsequently booked and may no longer be available.

Cancellation Policy
Obviously we understand if you need to cancel for any reason (unforeseen events etc), provided you let us know 7 days prior to your booking start we will happily reimburse your full lesson and day care fees.
Once it gets closer to the booking the harder it is for us to resell those slots missed.

If you cancel:
6 days prior to your booking we will return 80% of your booking fees.
5 days prior to your booking we will return 60% of your booking fees.
4 days prior to your booking we will return 40% of your booking fees.
3 days prior to your booking we will return 20% of your booking fees.

At 48 hours from your booking time or less it is extremely difficult to get alternative bookings at such short notice, so unfortunately you will not be eligible for any refund as we will use the fee to recuperate staff wage costs.