What to Bring?

Please Bring: Applied to all kids
* Extra Clothes, Water Proof Jacket, Pants and Gloves and Binnie’s
* Extra Nappies and Apron if kids needed
* Cup with Straw if kids are not able to drink directly from cup
* Goggles or Sunglasses
☆ If weather is good, we will take kids to outside. There are so many skiers in resort who carry ski poles.
The kids height are similar as how skiers carry the poles. Wearing the goggles or sunglasses will help to protect kids eyes

*Copy of Child Passport
☆In the unlikely event that a child becomes sick or injured we will contact the parents using the contact
information you provide, however if the parents are unavailable (e.g. using an international phone and don’t answer)
then the hospital require a copy of the child’s passport.

Recommending to Bring Additionally: Applied to Combo kids
* Extra Layers
* Neck Warmer
* Long Johns
* Long socks that comes up under the knees

Please Do NOT bring: Applied to all kids
* Any Snacks and Juice (Allow to bring if kids have food allergy)
* If kids bring own lunch, please do not bring any nuts and eggs

Please write kids name on all items that they bring in

Posted on: November 17, 2017, by : admin