Day Care With Ski Lessons

Very young children find it very difficult both mentally and physically to deal with long group lessons.

By making your child endure such lessons you are limiting the rate of which your child will learn the sport and most importantly are making the process of learning to ski unenjoyable. This will probably lead to your child not wanting to ski or be part of your winter holidays.


There is however a perfect alternative:

Our Day Care & Ski Lesson Combo comprises of all of the features and facilities of our daycare products but includes a 1 hour private lesson for your child during the day.


This has the benefits of:

    • Keeping the lesson short enough to make it managable for this age group – allowing them to keep focus and learn quicker


    • One on One tutition that is based around the needs and skill level of your child – Your child will progress faster, enjoy skiing and doesn’t have to sit around bored in the snow while the instructor tries to help lots of other under 5s


  • Once the lesson is done they get to have fun in our day care facilities – This lets you enjoy your skiing or snowboarding holiday knowing that we are safely taking care of your children and that they are having fun too!


Combo Lesson: extra 5,000yen on daycare product purchased

We offer our 1 hour combo private ski lesson product for 3-5 years old kids when they are staying at our kids centre ALL DAY.

The Combo lesson is including of skis, ski boots, helmets and goggles

We offer Combo lesson during non – peak season (After 19th February, 2018)

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For Further Information:

For further information about this product or to discuss whether this or other products would be the most advantageous for your child please contact us.

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